Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Pain

I have mixed feelings about my new job. I share an office with four females who don't really get along brilliantly. And one of them plays terrible music all day long. There are some redeeming factors though. I am basically getting paid to read and write, which is unassailably cool. And last week, when the electricity was cut off for nearly two hours and we had descended into the hell that is Cairo heat, everyone ended up rolling around on the cool ceramic floors, and various entertaining bits of conversation occurred, such as:

Co-worker: "Do you think we can get booze delivered here?"
Me: "Yes, but what if X (the big huge boss) walks in?"
Co-worker: "Oh, he won't mind as long as we've ordered something for him as well"

Co-worker 2: "Who wants to smoke a j?"

"If we're gonna hang out in the heat, why don't we just go to hurreya?"

As you can see, the theme seems to be escapism through substance (ab)use.